Traders and psychology with Veetaedo

Veetaedo isn’t the chatty kind of trader but is willing to let us have an insight of his style of trading. When asked about the media, this is what he had to say, “Social media helps you connect with people from different countries and it is easier to connect with these people through this platform. Using the media, I have changed lots of people’s lives with forex and I have curbed the 9-5 struggle. Because these guys from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa now have a means of livelihood by trading forex”. Well, I actually never got his trading plan. Funny here’s why: 

“I will rather not disclose my trading plan”. I’ll just say this though, I don’t trade according to how much I will make from a certain strategy but, how much I trade according to my strategy. My go to is: most definitely synthetic indices. I trade the vix75 mostly because I feel it’s more profitable.

Veetaedo Speaks Trade Management

Do you have a special way you trade this particular pair (Vix75)?

The B.V.C is what I use in trading it. It’s a strategy I created. “B” for boom, “C” for crash, and “V” for volatility.

Hmm. Beautiful creation. This may sound “cliche” but why forex? What is your major reason for choosing forex? 

You go to school and come out looking for a job. Forex literally creates that job for you. This is a business opportunity where you get a 100% of whatever you make. You also get to build more businesses with Forex. So why not forex?

Yes! you returned that energy back. Why not forex? Felt that.. We all talk about trading psychology, what can you say about that? 

Let me put it this way: People come into forex and they leave patience, discipline, and chase money. They forget the laws of life and that is “life isn’t easy come and go” They go ahead and gamble. Forex isn’t for impatient people.

Indeed. What are your trading aspirations? I know many trade for “financial freedom” but what happens when that’s achieved? What do you plan on doing with trading? 

Well, I’ll just keep opening more businesses. I have some I run already.

That’s cool. When you’re not trading, what are you doing?

I have other businesses I run asides forex. So I’m always working.

Trade Environment And History

Tell me about the toughest decision you had to make in the last six months. Was it a trading decision? If yes, tell me how you handled the situation?

Making the right decision was a tough one for me. I had to learn the hard way, I kept on trading and staying patient. 

Okay, We have the Neophytes now in the industry. In fact, more Neophytes are trooping in. What’s your advice to them and what would you recommend they start with? 

Ermm! I think getting a good mentor. That’s the most important tip. Try and do proper research before you just get into the markets. Lastly, I’ll also advise against buying trading robots. Don’t buy trading robots.

What are your biggest strengths in forex and What’s one thing you think you are very good at in forex?

I am very good at making profits.

The flex, How much money do you handle now? What was your greatest loss, how much was it and what was your greatest win, how much was it? 

I will rather not disclose my account size. Blowing 30,000 was my biggest loss though.

What—30,000 Usd or Zar?

Haha! USD, When I’m not mad. No, it’s 30k Zar. 

Veetaedo On Trading Psychology

What motivates you?

Just good life.

Right. I mean of course.. Fast one Technical, Fundamental, or Sentiments?

Technical. Definitely technical.

What’s your take on Neophytes that want to learn forex? Do you prefer they paid for the knowledge or stick with YouTube videos and free materials?

Well, watching YouTube videos or looking for free materials isn’t bad. But, when you pay, you will learn the right thing so that you can cut corners to avoid common trader’s mistakes. Having the right mentor basically saves you time.

Who/what inspired you to start trading? If you have a mentor, what’s their name and what about that individual inspired you? 

I never actually had a mentor. I got inspired by my story.

Still on psychology, What keeps you sane? Cos’ I won’t lie trading can stress you out and some even get depressed. So how do you overcome this?

In simple terms, when I see my students successful that keeps me at ease. Then again, I have the right strategy and that keeps me at sane too. 

The Business Of Trading

Veetaedo what would say is your “win-rate” and what really drives results in your trading? 

That would be 70%. I lose only 30% of the time.

Woah. 30% huh. Cool—What was your salary in your last job before forex? Was leaving it for forex worth it and why?

I’ve never worked before. It’s always been forex.

Tell me how you think other people would describe you. What do you want to be remembered for in the industry?

As someone who helped other traders to become successful. 

Trading Inspirations

How do you handle pressure, impatience, fear, doubt, and greed in forex? 

Following my strategy has helped in avoiding this. Your strategy should guide you always. 

What would you consider to be your biggest forex achievement? Tell me about a forex accomplishment you are most proud of. 

I have been able to buy my own house and car which was one last year and another this year.

Have you ever tried quitting Veetaedo? If yes, what did you do about it? 

Ah! I have many times. You know when poverty strikes you have no choice. Haha.

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