Traders and psychology with Mayowa Martins

Mayowa Martins is a 28 years old Financial analyst and trading luminary, he shares his forex and trading anecdote. Martins speaks on why he chose to work the path of the candles.

In his own locution “I got into financial trading because I wanted freedom. Not just financially, but mentally and socially. I never could stand being controlled or put under work and I loved when I see or hear (printing my own check) when I’m around some white folks I had some sort of business with, I got interested, did my research and found out the easiest and best way to be free was going into trading, right now I’m totally free”. “I don’t marry pairs , I just pick opportunities and make use of them“, He adds. When asked of his trading plan and best pairs. 

Mayowa’s term in the financial industry is currently quadrennial and co-own a trading and investment group called FXHB CAPITAL LIMITED. Let’s meet the plain-sailing yet suave forex hot boy 

Mayowa On Trading Strengths And Psychology

Listen I love-love your style of trading.. How did you learn forex and come to know it? 

Been trading 5 years now or more, lol. I learnt from top traders with experience and results outside my zones, also, did more self study and researches. Still do though. This is why I’m getting better by the day. No special way to trade these pairs, just the right opportunities, let the market come to you.

That’s tough. Used to think you had a special style of trading. Anyway, We all talk about trading psychology, what can you say about that? 

That It’s very important. Lol. It really is..

Still on psychology, What keeps you sane? Cos’ I won’t lie trading can stress you out and some even get depressed. So how do you overcome this.

I take breaks and I don’t let losses weigh me down, what makes me a trader is that: I make more profits than losses, so when losses come I take breaks and come back after learning from my mistakes.

Very important Mayowa Martins. What would you say is your “win-rate”?

Well between, 85-90%.

That’s so high an inspiring. What are the three traits you have that keeps you successful? And what three traits do you hope to have in trading that would make you a consistent trader?

Three traits. Hmm—Calm, observant and thirst for more knowledge.

Mayowa Talks Trading And Management

Tell me how you think other people would describe you Mayowa Martins. What do you want to be remembered for in the industry?

I’ll want to hear words like: “God sent, he’s the best person, he put me on, I love him..”

Okay sir. Tell me about the toughest decision you had to make in the last six months. Was it a trading decision? If yes, tell me how you handled the situation. 

Setting up a bigger trading station in my home or buying another car, I went with the first option.

I remember seeing the big curved monitor via Instagram. Loved it. What would you consider to be your biggest forex achievement? Tell me about a forex accomplishment you are most proud of. 

Retired my mom and living a better life.

Don’t we all. Have you ever tried quitting? If yes, what did you do about it? 

Lol! At the start, maybe, but I saw the brighter side.

How much money do you handle now? What was your greatest loss, how much was it and what was your greatest win, how much was it? 

A lot maybe, greatest loss is a lot, greatest win was $40k in 2 weeks.

Martins Speaks On His Trading Inspirations

Woah, “40k in two weeks”!, How do you manage a trade when in it?

Worked on my trading psychology. I’m not greedy, money and risk management is way important than getting the money.

Definitely agree. What is your go-to strategy? 

That would be: support and resistance.

Simplicity. Love it.. This may sound “cliché” but why forex? What is your major reason for choosing forex? 

Forex is life , it’s what makes me happy even when I started with losses I still loved it.

Passion, got it. Who/what inspired you to start trading? If you have a mentor, what’s their name and what about that individual inspired you?

Everyone getting money from trading is my mentor, I know the real ones though not the ones flexing fake profits.

The Business Of Trading

Haha.. I know this particular question may sound weird. The reason asked is because as humans we have the whole “act now, think later” thingy going on even when it’s not the right thing to do. So, do you have a trading “guilty pleasure”? If “yes” what is it and how do you handle it when it happens? 

Greed! But I have killed greed, I have worked on that, when I make money I step out, especially when I see overbought Markets, I don’t wait for more.

Very easy to be greedy in this industry. What was your salary in your last job before forex? Was leaving it for forex worth it and why?

No-no, never worked at a job.

Alright. Tell me about a time you disagreed with a decision. A time you didn’t follow your trading plan. What did you do?”

Lol! when I allowed myself believe a joke trader.

How do you handle pressure, impatience, fear, doubt and greed in forex? 

Simple, I walk away.

What are you biggest strengths in forex and What’s one thing you think you are very good at in forex? 

Risk and money management.

How long do you plan on trading forex and Where do you see yourself in five years with forex?

For as long as possible, in less than 5 years I’m top in Nigeria and Africa.

Amen, Mayowa Let’s see.. Social media has allowed us as traders to have a wider footprint outside of the forex industry, what do you think your impact is in the industry? 

Well, my impact is obvious, go through my comments and see how much lives I’ve touched positively , not to talk to direct messages I receive daily. Yes, pay for knowledge to people who have the experience and results to show, and also do some self study and research.

Final Words From Mayowa Martins

What are your trading aspirations? I know many trade for “financial freedom” but what happens when that’s achieved? What do you plan on doing with trading?

I’m going to have the biggest trading station in Nigeria for young and old to come in learn, study and do research daily, opened 24/7, there will also be a very big financial library for go to materials.

Hope I get to experience that. That would be really great. When you’re not trading, what are you doing?

I’m traveling, reading, swimming, partying, having fun with friends or sleeping.

The flex, Do you keep a journal? If yes, what does it consist of?

Yes I do, It has all my daily trades and targets.

How would you describe your ideal work environment? 

Serene with screens.

We have the Neophytes now in the industry. In fact more Neophytes are trooping in. What’s your advice to them and what would you recommend they start with? 

Learn from experience and results, do your researches and learn from your mistakes, don’t quit.

What are your forex weaknesses? How do you plan on going about them? Have you succeeded in doing that? 

My weakness: If my strategies don’t go my way. Then I controlled that with money management.

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