The Fund A Trader Project:

a survivor's story..

The fat project by lazyluchi… Heh! this one has always been the dream. I remember days back when—I’ll tip the waitress or waiter and feel so fulfilled… or when someone says, “thank you for being an inspiration”. The feeling remains the best. I haven’t ever been so buoyant but, I’ve always wanted to be on the table of givers and not receivers. Am I drunk for saying that? Any way, all I just want to do is put a smile on someone’s face without expecting anything material in return. I want to know that I’ve lived and made a huge difference in the world. Damn, you tears! why are you pouring? But, yeah welcome to “The fund a trader project by me”…


The fund a trader project purpose

The main goal of the fat project is: To create job opportunities and raise funds for traders. The project intends to fund people with: the skill and train anyone interested in the art..

Academy Scholarships

After sweepstakes, winners are then given the opportunity to learn from any professional of your choice (all expense paid). N.B: You must partake in the sweepstakes.


Random social-media giveaways/competitions. Win a sweep stake and get in the program through prop-funding or academy scholarships. Good-luck!

Prop Funding

Again, after my sweep-stakes, you get to choose a desired prop-firm of your choice. Account size varies from my sweep-stakes. Be active so you don't miss it.

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