The vindictive trader 

[People cackling and snickering]

Most people don’t take hurt likely—especially if it’s from a loved one or a sentimental thing. Do you?

Can you think of a time someone hurt you… [Mulling] Hmm… possibly a betrayal. How did you react? I know you’ll say, “Just let it go”… [deep exhales] which is good—but, if we’re being honest, some part of you might never speak to the person again or close that door forever.

Everyone has a little bit of this nature in them.

We’re humans it’s common to feel  a certain way—unless you turn off your humanity (Stefan Salvatore might not even relate cos’ he becomes the ripper). Even at that, hehe… you’ll still try to hurt them. You see—just like “the ripper”.

Okay let me break this down for you—just in case you don’t understand. Heh!… The Bible says, “If a man slaps you, you should turn the other cheek and continue chopping slap” [Chuckles] In reality, is that something—you can do?

[Trees rustle]

Who is a vindictive person? According to a guy called the “dictionary”—He said, “A person who holds a grudge and always tries to get back at people—who they think have wronged them in some way.”

Does that sound like something you would do?

You know… [Tuts]  most people even think people who are vindictive have—a misguided pain. According to Sarah…[Snickering] Sarah is a friend—I met at the group home.

She was the only who could understand this vindictive person I was becoming… Heh—she said, “…This person; this trader—feels frustrated, helpless, hurt or ignored and are unable to change their circumstances without ensuring that they affect others in the meantime. They don’t have the necessary strength inside to find better ways to handle their feelings.”

The Vindictive Trader

[Jamal mutters]

The difference is, I was hurting me. The market isn’t even a person; The market feels no pain. So, I was just harming myself each time I became the vindictive trader [smirks].

The market is a mirror reflection of a trader’s personality

[Shudders] The vindictive trader is that trader who acts like a child; A child that was rid of his toys. If something doesn’t go their way, they attempt to intimidate the market—manipulate the market.

What this trader—what “you” haven’t realized is, “anger, revenge, and manipulation comes from a place of weakness” and eventually they will burn… [Cackling] you. This trader lacks remorse and empathy—there’s really no room for acceptance.

[Trees talking indistinctly]

Friday 15, June, 1999 was the day I realized—I was the vindictive trader [clears throat]. The Nfp (Non-farm payroll) was near and all I could think of was—how I was going to get “Ws”. You know… [singing] “deep… deep… blues”

Gold is known for its suicide missions—but, this guy (me of course) is so confident. “What’s the worst that can happen”, I thought.

[Phone buzzing, Jamal screams]

“It’s time”. I hurriedly took my phone and “Wham!” The popular sound from Metatrader—I was in. After my big $50,000 loss in my previous account (remember the analysis paralysis story). I was lucky enough to get a $3000 account and voila—Nfp came through.

What do you think happened next? [Jamal sniffling] I lost! Not only did I lose—The only account I have got… [sobs] taken away from me.

I was frustrated, mad, angry…

“An eye for an eye” is all I could think of—Revenge was all I was mulling over. Like a kid, I threw annoying tantrums at the market.

Signs Of The Vindictive Trader

[Jamal sighs and grunts]

Has someone or something being taken from you before? Have you ever felt defeated and helpless—at the same time?—That’s all I feel!

The market hurt me! I thought I knew what I was doing… [Sobs] That is all I had left!… [Jamal cries] Why—What wrong have I done that the market keeps hurting me?

If you want to know if you’re this trader, Here’s the first sign to look for… [Guffawing]

Firstly, you notice Jamal thinks he’s right and the market wrong. Yup! The vindictive trader always thinks he’s right and others wrong.

This trader will do anything in his power to prove that… Even if it means getting back at someone to do so. Simple! [laughs] I am entitled!—The vindictive trader is a child who is entitled.

Secondly, I’m very personal about my atychiphobia issues. So, you know why I don’t joke when I lose. The vindictive trader never lets go and takes things really personal.

Lastly, people say I’m a mean-aggressive person, when I don’t get what I want. Pfft… Of course I don’t believe them.

Who do they think they are?

There you have it—the vindictive trader doesn’t accept his imperfections and never—I mean “never” learns from his past.

So, [eye scanning] do any of these signs sound familiar?

A Word From Jamal

I’m Jamal; I’m the vindictive trader and you do not want to be like me. If you are, then you must know that it never ended well with me.

Repressed anger and emotions.

You should know… heh—this trader doesn’t forgive; this trader doesn’t let go. I am—This trader!

I’ll rather hold on to hate than to forgive the market. Why should I forgive the market… [Jamal screams] Why!

But, [chuckles] In most cases, where the revenge is disproportionate, I actually end up feeling worse because of my guilt. [Tuts] Sounds familiar—Is that something you’ll do?

[Smirks] Needless to say, revenge is easy.

All that is required is—a surrender to negative toxic feelings and then I act upon them. Revenge also feels good to my ego, in the moment, but the reality is, it never solves my core problem.

But, It occurred to me that… [Exhales deeply] holding grudges at an “inanimate object” only blocked genuine opportunities that I was supposed to get from—that object (market).

Now listen!

If you want to stop being vengeful, you have to recognize the only way forward is through—personal development. 

Also, appreciating the value of forgiveness and acceptance… [Shudders] whilst applying it as a preferred response will—inevitably transform your life, and put you on a path of real success.

If You Didn’t Get Anything, Get This…

[Owls hooting, crickets chirping]

A letter to you from—Jamal… [Sniffles]

The vindictive trader [sobs], is incapable of overcoming a certain pain caused by the market. You’ve failed to accept the difference  between expectations and reality !

Why have you also failed to accept uncertainties… [Shucks] that’s the start point you know!

Imagine… [Mulling] you believe that the market has to be punished for what “you” did. How do you even make sense of that? You’re insane!

You punish yourself; you show a strong resistance to what’s happening around you—And for what? [softly inhales, then exhales] Revenge!

Well, I’m here to let you know that—if you can’t accept your own imperfections, You reflect that person towards the market and your bank account. You hurt two things: Yourself and your account balance.

At the end of the day it’s just your choice. You can either decide to screw yourself over—after each loss from the market or… [sigh] deal with the real problem—You!

All my articles are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of lazyluchi’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities are entirely coincidental. 

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