The Month Of October

The month of October [Jamal sighs]

Hello Trader,

First, a big “thank you” for being a part of my journey. This is actually my first update. Been so long I updated my journal—I sincerely apologize for that in-discipline.

It’s November [grinning] Happy New Month. Hopefully, this month ends in greens and blues (profits) for you.

You might be wondering… [mulling] who is she, how did I get here?

Well, I’m Lazyluchi and I’m here to expose the trading industry—For what it really is. So, expect the good, bad, and ugly.

Join me on my amazing journey—Cos’ I’ll be going from 1% to 99% in trading.

Yep! that’s me. But, wait… I know you probably don’t care about that info.

The Month Of October

Do you want to earn bigger, want to be amongst the 1%, think better, above all—earn while learning?

Yeah! that’s the right info you need. You can see me as your trading spirit guide.

[agitated] Whatever that means… haha!

The blog “lljournal” has been launched as well. The month of October was great for us (“us” yeah. I mean the members—following me on trading view). We made “2536 pips”. Wait! what… [nodding] yeah! we did.

Here are the links to all videos:

Vlogcast Launch

Moving on, I launched! Yup, my “vlogcast” is live.

Want to be a part of that journey, Easy! send a mail. I’ll be there for you. The vlogcast is more or less—a community and it respects all traders. Irrespective of your knowledge and success—I mean “all”.

Links to previous episodes:

Finally, In The Month Of October

The Tv finally gave me the audacity to stream. I stream now! can you believe it? Lol!… yeah-yeah.

Anyways, These streams have more of my strategies in detail. The best part, you can leave a comment—with the “live chat” feature. How cool is that?

Here are links to my best streams:

This is really what my amazing month of October has been like. How about yours? Let me know.

All my articles are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of lazyluchi’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities are entirely coincidental. 

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