The Death Of A Trader

What To Expect!

“Can your approach to trading tell the kind of person you are?” Janet asked.. I wonder how one can take a trade and not wait for a certain outcome if one’s not just an impatient soul.

I know of a man who couldn’t just accept he was an egoistic bastard. Oh! the greed, the recklessness, the “i’m always right” disgusting attitude. I know of a man who if.. and I mean “if” only he accepted and took responsibility. We won’t have said RIP..

Do traders die?

“Every thing starts from expectations” that one word “expectation”. The state of looking forward or waiting for something, a strong belief that something will happen.. If you expect nothing from the market you are never disappointed. When you stop expecting the market to be perfect, you can like it  for who it is..

What makes traders die?

Do traders die? Traders die when their expectations aren’t lowered. When their expectation exceed their reality.. They die! The market isn’t your slave so why do you stay expecting her to give you what you want? The lady is the boss so you need to wake up and learn to serve her.

No-one expects to live a certain age; no-one expects to sleep and not wake up. But things happen because it’s beyond us. Like-wise, the market. What makes traders die? Most of our failures, fears.. Stem from expectations.

I know of a trader who died because he thought the market owed him millions of dollars. The death of that trader was so tragic that it affected the whole world. That trader can be you or I if we don’t lower our expectations.


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