to the woman who loves and protects her candles

Don’t seize my candles, how do you expect me to see? To see in this darkness please hear my plea.

“Seize her candles. Darn it”, said he.

Please Sir this is all i’ve got. Not a degree— which i’m sure you’ll need but the key. “Have you even washed the dishes or fed your children”. You are a woman you see and nothing but a debris in my canvas.

A canvas filled with ups and downs, animals and birds. Where bears, bulls, doves, and hawks gather for flesh. Oh, my dear these candles need not echo for we are mostly mentally deaf and emotionally blind. Even with the candles you won’t be able to see. Sir, I’ve got bodies and wicks. Alas, the fire is within me and they match my personality.

Oh, my dear Gina, but I disagree. This isn’t a place for live-drawing. Honey, I’m not easily turned on by Bobs and Ginas. In my canvas, the structure is divine. Perfectly constructed diagonally and vertically. A give and take; take and give system. The happy place with the most suicides. Home of freedom and slavery, riches and poverty.

Hey! you, seize her candles she doesn’t have the guts to see.

I wake up in London, eat in New-York, and sleep in Asia. I’ve lived in the jungle played with the bears, beaten up the bullies, and hawked the doves. In my search, i’ve accumulated and distributed in a queue which is: my life. Dear sir, I believe if you let me see, i’ll be free.

Alas, there lies the problem. If you think you need to see to be free, then you’ll never be free. Indeed we are blinded emotionally. Woman, go feed your trousers. This isn’t a place for the woe man. Seize her candles I don’t believe she can see.

Oh my dear wolf, I believe in myself as I walk on these streets where suits and tie march, Indeed, I am free!

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