Nasdaq What Now Episode 5

Who’s In The Nasdaq Market And What Are They Doing?

Nasdaq took a trip as excepted from yesterday’s call. I remember saying, “Nasdaq hardly leaves wicks like a magnet, it comes back to it. Today being the 8th of March, 2022. The Nasdaq created another support on the 13093.. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got the three-way!

The “three way” is when Nasdaq creates coincidences giving three signals at a random. Usually, it consist of: Divergence, doubles and trends. Example: You can have an downtrend then get a double bottom and bullish divergence, that’s a three-way. When signs like this popup, you can only think longs (bulls). Twi things, they are either warming up for a reversal soonest or Immediately.

However, the trend might not always be the reverse..

Nasdaq's three-way

Sometimes you can have a down trend then get a bearish divergence and double top. Either way: you should be ready. Check out this chart and tell me what you see..

You can see the three-way very clearly here. The uptrend, followed by the bearish divergence and then, the double top. That’s enough sign that a reversal is about to happen and afterwards, we got a Nasdaq drastic dip. See, You learnt something in today’s episode.

I usually use the three way for my confluences then the retest for triggers.. Honestly, that’s all I do when trading Nasdaq and I repeat, repeat and repeat.

In addition, the Nasdaq has created this supposed three-way on the daily. I can’t help but think, “is this it for the bulls, are we close?”

Anyway, I always wait for confirmations because, honestly, you can’t just go in immediately remember you need a main-trigger. In trading, confluences are one thing and triggers are another.

Having the right trigger makes you a better executioner. Meaning you’ll be able to make consistent profits. What’s your main-trigger? What prompts you into taking a trade? Mind you, it has to be precise—something you can repeat over and over. Avoid changing your triggers. Keep them short, detailed and precise. My main-triggers are: retests. Then I add my three-way which gives me precision, Try to discover yours!

Nasdaq daily three-way

Back to reality. Here’s what we have in Nasdaq100 today.. The daily shows a downtrend, a double bottom (not yet formed though) then a bullish divergence. What now?

However on the weekly, we’ve got two previous support spots: 12800 and 12400. Maybe we can only get the bullish three-way after that or before, who knows? I’ve got a theory: A break past 13,000 leads straight to the support zones and if otherwise, then we get a beautiful 13500 reach. Then we can consider the three-way.

Finally, Levels to consider:

13500—My bullish three-way deciding factor.

Bulls—13500-13700 an further.


In conclusion, Nasdaq will always leave signs be sure to pay attention to these signs. You can learn to understand the three-way; that way, you know what to look for and when find it, You pounce! See you in the next episode.

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