Nasdaq What Now Episode 4

Who’s In The Nasdaq Market And What Are They Doing?

Nasdaq market is open, that is: The post-market. I can tell the bears are not done because we’ve got the market still struggling at the 13750/700 support level here on the 240. However, I’ve got theory and trading plan. it all depend on the opening. A bearish opening leaves room for speculations likewise, a bullish. In addition, If I get a break of that support level (13750), I’d be looking to go short at least to 13300. But, only after the retest–if any.
Lower-highs, bearish divergence and double tops..
Similarly, I’ll take long trades only if the support area stays strong—Long trades if the 14000 breaks and retest the 14400 then that will be a great buying opportunity. The divergences are still visible. That on the daily, scattered. It’s likely we might get another though. The 240 however, still has a bearish divergence and a double top. Haha~enough bearish signals are much more visible than that of the bulls. Will the 13500 hold?
Finally, on the daily, we’ve got a cross where if the bears break, then we’ve got a wick to fill and if not, then another bullish divergence that takes us to create a higher-high.
Levels to consider:
  • 13750/13700—Our current deciding factor.
  • 13500-13000—If the ears break past the 13700 support that should be a new target.
  • 13700-14000—The bulls would prove their strength once these levels are broken. Currently, it’s 12:00am. The Nasdaq market just opened bearish with a gap. After that fill, Let’s see if the bears continue..

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