Nasdaq What Now Episode 3

Who’s In The Nasdaq Market And What Are They Doing?

Nasdaq hasn’t decided yet even today been the 3rd of March, 2022. The back n’ forth continues. The Nasdaq created another bearish divergence on the 240.

Nasdaq 240 divergence and wedge.
Nasdaq 240 divergence and wedge.

This time, a triple. The Rsi looked really flat when I checked it. Wonder why.. In addition, the  bulls have been struggling for the longest time—and I can’t help but think they probably don’t have the range. That is, to take her (Nasdaq) to the next zone (14500/600).

Currently, the NDX bulls still have their divergence as said earlier in the previous articles. Mind you, this divergence comes with a double bottom as well as, a demand pull-back. Man, so confusing. The bulls be like: “Oh! well, we’ve got this”. No! honey, don’t think so.

Likewise, the 240 isn’t exempted the bearish double topped divergence and rising wedge be screaming, “I’m about to drop!”. I honestly think, it’s equilibrium at this point.

Left to me, In terms of, what the Nasdaq is doing? I don’t have the slightest clue.

In conclusion, The side-ways market prevails. I on the other hand, will be patiently waiting for my break and retest..

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