Nasdaq What Now Episode 11

Who’s In The Nasdaq And What Are They Doing?

Last week, the Nasdaq100 fell. In the previous episodes I said, “I’ll be looking to short the Nasdaq100 if the 15,000 remains a resistance. Shorting it to next support level at 14,680. However, if that 15,000 turns support, I’ll be looking to buy the return of the bulls—at least back to 15,200. What do you think?”.. Well, as you saw, the bears won. I took more of sells than buys because of that. However, the Nasdaq100 played with me a little bit before it went my way. Anyway, no chit (haha). In the previous news, We kicked off with the ISM Manufacturing PMI which turned out with a negative 58.3 reading.. This gave strength to this Nasdaq100 bears. Albeit, There’s this double top with a lower high that formed on the weekly, then—on the daily—The 4-hour took a while before it reacted to that. Back to the news, we also had crude oil inventories which also popped up negative. It had a 2.421 negative reading. Furthermore, A mixed market turned up on Wednesday during the FOMC.. The Nasdaq100 bulls switched up on these bears. We ended the week with a positive JOBLESS CLAIMS funny how that threw me off balance. I wondered.. if the bulls were back only for the bears to turn those tables real quick.

What is the plan then?

Honestly, I ‘ll be waiting for the Monday to give me a taste of what to expect. However, since all levels are pointing downwards, even the relative strength index are all below 50%, I’ll be taking more of sells till there’s a change in the trend. If the Nasdaq100 gives us a higher-low instead of lower-low, then BUYS!!! Let’s see what gist this week has install for us. Hold-up, Not ending this one without speaking the VXN (Volatility index for Nasdaq100). Well, hmm, it hasn’t exactly been reliable only because it only opens during US market open and even opens with a gap most times. However, I realized it’s best we analyze that as well. The VXN’s Fib and RSI levels: On the weekly, the RSI is currently at 50.54, Daily-46.76, 240-49.54.. You can see that the bulls 0f VXN seem to be prepping. As for fib (Fibonacci) levels, check last heading.

Nasdaq100 High Impact News For 11th-15th Of April, 2022

Monday is news less. However, on Tuesday, 12th April, 2022 by 13:30 GMT—We’ve got the “Core consumer price index”. The core CPI measure the changes in the price of goods and services. However, this is from the consumer’s perspective. The CPI measure the changes in purchasing trends and inflations. A higher CPI reading is going to be positive for the USD, while a lower reading will be negative for the USD.

By 13:30, Wednesday, 13th April, 2022—The Producers price index news will be up. The PPI measure the changes in goods and services from the manufacturers P.O.V. It measures consumers’ price inflation, which accounts for the majority of over-all inflation. A higher than expected reading is positive for the dollar while, a lower than expected reading is negative for the dollar. Still on Wednesday, by 15:30, we’ve got the Crude Oil Inventories. The crude oil inventories measures the number of barrels of commercial crude oil held by US firms. Meanwhile, this can actually have an impact on inflation. If there’s an increase in the crude oil inventories, that implies a weaker demand on the USD which is bearish for the dollar. A lower than expected is Bullish for the dollar.

Thursday, 14th April, 2022 by 13:30 GMT, The core retail sales will take place. Retail sales measures the change in the total value of sales at the retail level in the US. It’s also an indicator of consumer’s spending and the US economy’s Pace indicator. A higher reading is bullish for the USD while, A lower than expected reading is bearish for the USD. Same day; same time, we’ve got the Initial Jobless claims which measures the number of individuals who filed for unemployment insurance and a higher reading is negative for the USD and vice-versa, also, Retail sales—measures the change in the total value of sales at the retail level. It’s actually the foremost indicator for consumers spending.

Finally, Friday, April 15th is Good Friday for the US and that’s some holiday. Take the day off and chill with your loved ones.

Relative Strength Index And Fib Levels In Nasdaq1o0 And VXN

For the Nasdaq100, The weekly fib is as follows: 100% -16389.9, 78.6% – 15732.9, 61.80% – 15217, 50% – 14854.7, 38.2% – 144492.4, 23.60% – 14044.3, 0% – 13319.5. The daily: 161.80% – 165342, 100% – 15214.5, 78.6% – 14757.6, 61.8% – 14398.8, 50% – 14146.8, 38.2% – 13894.9, 23.60% – 13583.1, 0% – 13079.2. As for the RSI, The weekly is currently at: 45.63, daily 47, and 240 33.52..

As for the VXN, The weekly fib is as follows: 161% – 43.44, 100% – 35, 78.60% – 32.08, 61.80% – 29.79, 50% – 28.18, 38.20% – 26.57, 23.60% – 24.58, 0% – 21.35.. The daily fib: 161% – 43.79, 100% – 36.59, 78.60% – 34.10, 61.8% – 32.14, 50% – 30.76, 23.60% – 27.69, 0% – 24.94..


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