Nasdaq What Now Episode 1

Nasdaq is currently at 14184 (as I speak), It’s Sunday 27th February, 2022 and the bulls are making it weirder. Speaking of weird, I know you’re wondering—what is this? Anyway, I’m Lazyluchi and the host/author of “Nasdaq what now?”. If you want a brief history of Nasdaq 100 (Tap that).. I also did the honors of helping you with  timing, as well. That is, if you want to really know what goes on when that Nasdaq bell rings. Also known as, The US market opening.

That aside, For this category/blog, I’ll be having four different questions that will give you an insight of what to expect in Nasdaq100. Questions like: Who’s in the market?, What are they doing, The chart patterns or pattern you see?, The current market structure and finally, What stage the Nasdaq is currently in. With this, you can’t miss out on the trend or having a vivid picture of what to do when trading the Nasdaq.

[coughs] Ergo, see me as your Nasdaq spirit guide. P.s- Don’t get married to my ideas. Always, have an open and objective mind when reading my blogs. because, people be believing and trusting anyone with their money speaking of weird, again, I find that weirder. Don’t trust anyone even this writer.

Brief History Of The Nasdaq

“The Nasdaq 100 includes the shares of the 100 largest American and international companies as measured by their market capitalization which do not come from the financial sector and which are traded on the largest electronic stock exchange in the USA, the Nasdaq. It has been published since 31 January 1985. Its baseline value at this time was established at a level of 250 points; in 1994 the Nasdaq 100 was divided and its baseline value was halved as a result.

Like the Swiss Market Index (SMI), the Nasdaq 100 is a price index. The shares included in it are weighted according to market capitalization; the index level represents the average of the shares included in it. Dividend payments are not considered when calculating the index.

In order to be included in the Nasdaq 100, a share must fulfill certain criteria. For example, the company must already have been listed on the Nasdaq for two years, and must have sufficiently high share capitalization and a certain trading volume. The composition of the Nasdaq 100 and the weighting of the shares included in it are reviewed once annually and adjusted where necessary.

The Nasdaq 100 is traded each trading day between 3:30 pm and 10:00 pm CET; the index level is calculated continuously once a second in real time”—The Market Insider

Who’s In The Nasdaq Market And What Are They Doing?

Presently, the bulls.

However, from the looks of things, it seems we are at equilibrium. The divergence that popped up on Thursday was no jokes. In the market presently, there are four different levels: The 14200, 14400, 14600, and 15000 levels respectively.

These levels all have resistance and at least some buyers and sellers ready to either take the market up or slash that damn—price. They are strong levels. If broken by the bulls, they become support meaning; the bulls become stronger. I mean for them to last, we need more support right?

What Chart Patterns Are Visible, The Current Market Structure, And Stage Of The Ndx

As for chart pattern visibility, That divergence and double bottom are pretty obvious right? Albeit, that empty daily wick the bears abandoned at the 13,000 level mean something as well. There’s an unfinished business by the bears at that level.

Who knows, maybe an inverse head and shoulder might form. Well with that—I think the bulls might just be winning this one. However, we need more signs—these bulls can’t leave us empty. If you know your market cycle well, you would know the current stage the market is at is—either: the dip or finally at the bottom. That accumulation might just be forming. An accumulation means, there’s hope.

Finally, the market hasn’t actually formed a new lower high yet. So like I said, “the bears definitely have an unfinished business”.. We need lower highs or higher high—the highs are still void at the moment. As for the lows, we have two lower lows. Hmm, what can that mean? The bears are probably saying, “we’ll be back”. On that note, “I’ll be back too”.

Have a great week.

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