Mental Block, [in deep thoughts] hmm… A suppression of painful, unwanted thoughts that can’t be controlled… Also, an inability to complete a thought.

Writers have mental blocks, some artists have mental blocks, scientists ([sarcastically] those lab guys)—trying to invent stuff, get mental blocks in the process. The question here is…

“Can traders’ experience these mental blocks?”—[pondering] hmm…  I’ll answer that for you. But, before I answer that—The truth is, we’re all human first before we became traders.

[emotionless] sometimes—the chain that prevent us from being free, are more—mental… than physical.


The media has made it possible for us to view some trading professionals’ lifestyles… this can also lead to harm.

In as much as—we can get motivated and inspired by them (these posts from the big dogs), we have the youngins saying stuff like, [chattering] “oh my God!, I want to be like cue banks.”

We also have guys who post their latest scores; I’m not judging or saying it’s bad to flaunt your wealth.

I just think there’s a percentage of people [neophytes] watching…

You have to constantly sound it in their ears for them to understand… that—it takes a while to build this kind of wealth.

[clattering] These Traders start to pressurize themselves to get to that level… the vindictive nature (talked about this in the previous episode)—kicks in.

Their hustles are being affected… cos’ of these personality traits.

So, [huh]… well, you lose money.

Those frustrations [grunt] kick in again.

Stagnancy, immobility, motionless… what other words should I use to describe this trader? I think you get the gist.

So, I’ll ask again—“Can traders’ experience these mental blocks?” Yes, we can!

Mental Block; How Can I Tell?

Yeah! actually—I realized that some traders won’t be able to tell.

Sounds funny! but, it’s true.

You might just be a victim (mental blocks) without knowing.

So here’s a tip: you can identify mental blocks… by paying attention to your consistent thoughts and behaviors.

Are you finding it hard focusing?… following your trading plan or even creating a—trading plan?

Hmm… also—you may discover that you’re worried about the outcome of a particular trade, unsure about your edge (in as much as—you’ve constantly used it), or not confident in your trades.

Do you freeze when confronted with a—trade problem?

[mimicking]… “no… I do not freeze“. The dude’s a legend!… Did you get that?

Haha! I bet you did—so shall we?

What Causes This Mental Block In Traders?

Mental, mental, mental… it has to do with the mind. I know lots of traders talk about—psychology!

“Trading psychology”… erm... scratch that… you know what?

[deep thoughts] It ain’t easy to control your mind (that [expletive] mind of ours), it’s a lot of work.

That’s why, the saying, “you don’t find holy grails in books” still stands.

Yup!.. that “stuff” [holy grails] is within us.

If you experience any emotion like frustration, hesitation or anger, while planning your trades, means you need to clear some mental blocks.

Alright, alright… [gasp] you talking too much already.

So—tell me, what do you think causes these mental “building” blocks?

  1. Mental Clutter
  2. Perfectionism

Mental Clutter.

Did you know—that as traders… over-thinking can cos’ mental clutter?

You might be wondering [mulling]… what’s this clutter?

The dictionary definition of “clutter” is… “an untidy collection of things”.

So, where there’s “clutter”, there’s disorder.

[rapping] That clatter shouldn’t be in your brain because of this clutter… Cha-ching!

Reading up different strategies, trying new stuff, reading… More reading. Nah!… man—come of it. Your mental health is at stake here.

[tweeting] Here’s one–that “cluster” can lead to mind-clutter and those “clatter” aren’t good for your—mental health.

This just leads to—mental block; cos’ you get stuck at some point, due to mental pressure [stress].


Ever heard of “atelophobia and atychiphobia”?… Do your research—you don’t want that.

Most traders, fear failing and always want to be right—at all times. This is wrong!…

Losing is a part of the game of trading. Trust me… [honestly] you want to be the happiest when you lose. Similarly, you shouldn’t take those wins to heart either.

You hear stuff like, “Oh God… If this goes my way, I’ll serve you forever.” [laughing]… Do you pray when in a trade? Scared of its outcome… This can mess with your mind and—it happening again and again—might just get you mentally stuck.

You’re finally scared of pulling the trigger!

Come with me; Let me tell you how to overcome this.

Can Traders‘ Have Mental Block?… Overcoming Them.

Now that you know its causes and… how you can tell; Why don’t you learn how to overcome them.

A trader’s life is a journey. Euphoria kicks in at some point… Could be good; could be bad. But, depends on your—mental management.

There are only two ways to overcome this:

Trading is a graphical representation of life; Trading is a mirror reflection of your personality.


According to the quote [above], there’s no escape!… You can’t cheat this guy [market] you might as well; accept him the way he is.

This is the first step to overcoming, “… A trader’s mental block”. You shouldn’t be expecting anything from this guy; as he—owes you nothing.

Do you have a trading plan?… Do you have a trading journal?

If not, you need one. As it will help you in—making the right decisions. [confident] These decisions: One, you get to blame yourself for your failures; Two, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

There are two people that need this “acceptance”: You and You. Should I make them three?… cos’, it’s still going to be you.

I’ve been watching the avatar lately [grinning]; Remember the “guru”—Yeah!… “Everything is connected…”

Trading is an Art; so why treat it like it isn’t. Trading represents human nature and lifestyle; so why blame the poor market instead of—yourself.

Quotes On Acceptance…

[screaming] Learn to “let go”!…

Here are some “acceptance” quotes that will help:

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.” – Mark Twain

“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” – Michael J. Fox

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”- Ann Landers

Read that—over and over again. You’ll understand that… it’s you against you; Not you against the market.

Acceptance helps in reducing over-thinking—there-by, reducing the chances of even having—mental blocks as a trader.

Join A Community.

[kneeling] Please join a community. Not just any community—a trading community that speaks on “psychology and mental well-being”.

If you can’t find any, tap here… to personally discuss with me and be on my vlog cast.

The reason is that; you don’t want a community with opinions; You want a community with direction. A community that knows that… “trading is a journey[…] A labyrinth… A lifestyle”

This business of trading… is a lonely one. This can lead to lots of “mental stress” and even—depression.

You might be wondering how…

Well, easy! you need someone to share these experiences with. You need someone; We all do.

So, My Final Words…

Health is wealth!… A very popular saying right?… So, if health is wealth—why aren’t you paying attention to “health”?

[angry] Why are you hell-bent on destroying… the only thing [mind] that can give you wealth?

Look! after this article, take your time to reflect. So that you can get back on track.

You probably found this for a reason. [grinning] Glad!… I could help.

Again, “Everything is connected”—Don’t forget.

Now, over to you!

All my articles are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of lazyluchi’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities are entirely coincidental. 

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