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Lazyluchi’s books… what a weird way to put it if you ask me. I never considered myself a writer—but, how else was I going to tell my side of the story and share my experiences. That kid at the back of the class, Yeah! that’s me. I didn’t want to be seen; I wanted to be heard which is a good paradoxical-oxymoron, if you ask me. My experience in trading has been a bitter-sweet one. I get to tell my side if you actually care to listen. Most times, what makes us great can also kill us—only if you allow it. For each story, there’s a lesson. It’s silent—so try to shut your ears and listen!

P.s “sometimes—we really don’t know what we look like until, we see a mirror”.


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Nasdaq What Now Episode 16

Lazyluchi May 15, 2022

That's a very important Dr Brett's quote. It reminded me of this week. Well, the Nasdaq100 kept falling lo of ranges---but at the end the bulls re-surfaced due to previous wicks left behind. On Monday, the market at 12545 (real bearish) I remember investors kept saying, "Buy the Dip". In my head, I kept saying to myself, "as long as there's a LOWER HIGH, keep selling".. I took a sell and it turned out well. There's one quote that resonates well with what keeps happening in the market and that's: "Trade the trend until you're wrong". Simple yet really powerful because it just tells you that the market is always right no matter what you think or how unfair a certain trend is. The over-bought or over-sold thingy is basically just a myth to define one's ignorance---I guess. People who say that a market is over-bought pretend to be from the future and lack market awareness. Anyway, the Nasdaq100 bears kept it a 💯.

Nasdaq What Now Episode 15

Lazyluchi May 08, 2022

he tech-savvy Nasdaq100 had it's fifth straight week of declines last week. It's her longest losing streak since late 2012. Last week, I made no predictions. My plan was, "Start from the Monthly since we’ll be in May (by the way, Happy new month) wait for that new candle to pop and see how it opened. Then head over to the weekly. On the weekly, we are currently bearish with the market below previous Lower-lows. But I mean, Anything is possible (Plus we’re news packed for this week?). Furthermore, I’ll be waiting to see if we open up bullish. If we do, then you know—Head over to the daily for confirmations. I feel like for the Nasdaq100 bulls to come in, the 12800 (check this link to see them mark-ups) zone needs to become support. If that zone breaks, then we’ll be really going for that funeral in Nasdaq100. I mean there’s a lower high created already so damn I see a clean 12k if there’s a break. Anyway, the 4-hour will be for rejections as usual, then the 15 minutes—my entry time-frame. Let me see what Monday holds".. Well, this week, the market opened bearish and stayed bearish.. I remember the question for last week was about the feds. I asked, "dovish or hawkish?" Which are we getting.