Dear Favour

Do You Even Know Who You Are?

All your life, you have always been different. Like “Oliver Twist”—You’ve always wanted more. Embracing the beauties of life and going through it a step at at time. Favour, oh! my precious Favour. Do you even know who you are? Do you even know your worth? I’ve seen you, I birthed you, all you’ve ever gotten from life hasn’t always been on a platter.

Memory served, I remember how you’ll want to finish your work before you get to eat. I’d  remember how you hunger for success. But Favour, you never believed in yourself. There is something hindering your success, There’s a reason you aren’t were you’re supposed to be.

I don’t know for sure what that is. However, I think one of the reason is because, you’ve never felt good enough. You never appreciated and celebrated your wins. So, to you—It seems like you aren’t winning. That doubt; that fear.. That’s the “hindrance”.

My dear Favour, you’ve always loved short-cuts. You’re not patient and you seem to want things to always go as you’ve planned it. But, Life’s not a Disney story. It’s not smooth-sailing! There would be good times and bad times, just like the bible, “there’s a season for everything”.. My dear Favour, “Your season is almost here”. Don’t dwell on the losses, failures, disappointments, rejections.. start being more appreciative. Gratitude is everything. Celebrate even the little wins, say “Thank you”. Use your 5 magic words.

I know why you aren’t sure of yourself. It’s because all your life, you’ve always being compared. You were probably tired of hearing, “Oh!, see your mates.. Oh!, be like Jachi”. I know and I’m sorry. I need you to know that you are enough. I need you to remember who you are.

My dearest Favour, if you don’t know your strengths, I’ll remind you. You are the most resilient and talented person I know. You fall, you get up. Do you even remember your promise to me? Do you even remember how much you’ve achieved.

Haha, I remember the first time you picked up a pencil to draw. That was in Primary 2, Listen! I didn’t tell you, maybe because I wasn’t just someone who showed my emotions, I just didn’t want you to worry about me. Now hear me say this, You are the best thing that happened to my life, and I don’t regret birthing you.

Dear Favour, Do you even know who you are?

Nwa ‘m, biko ji sike,

Mummy loves you.

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