Your Last Day Will You Be Satisfied With Your Life?

What would you have done differently?

I always wondered how i’d actually feel if today was my last. Honestly, I won’t be satisfied. I have never truly lived yet.. There’s just a lot to be done and I know that now. The fat project. I can’t boast of being 💯 consistent profitable. Haven’t seen the world, who am I even kidding? I haven’t even seen a giraffe 🦒 in real life. I don’t like the fact that I can count the number of people i’ve helped. My family needs to taste what wealth feels like. My nephew, siblings and the list is endless. Even “me”. My freedom is still hanging. My mom isn’t fully proud if her daughter. I made a promise.

What will I do differently? 🤔 Be more positive, more consistent, disciplined (I lack this in abundance need work), learn to not take anything for granted. Love myself more, and finally, believe in myself. Trade everyday like it’s my last. By following my rules diligently, win or lose, as long as no rules were broken. Learn to take a beating from the market and let it go thereafter. My daily reminder: “the pain of yesterday isn’t the pain of today” needs to be understood. Be more detailed and intentional with everything I do.

If today was my last, will I be satisfied? The answer is “No”. I won’t be. But, I know now what I must do to have that satisfaction and i’m currently doing that. Thanks for the question..

Love you Favour.

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