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The Vindictive Trader

The Vindictive Trader

Most people don’t take hurt likely—especially if it’s from a loved one or a sentimental thing. Do you?

Can you think of a time someone hurt you… [Mulling] Hmm… possibly a betrayal. How did you react? I know you’ll say, “Just let it go”… [deep exhales] which is good—but, if we’re being honest, some part of you might never speak to the person again or close that door forever.

Everyone has a little bit of this nature in them. We’re humans it’s common to feel  a certain way—unless you turn off your humanity. Even at that, hehe… you’ll still try to hurt them.

Okay let me break this down for you—just in case you don’t understand. Heh!… The Bible says, “If a man slaps you, you should turn the other cheek and continue chopping slap” [Chuckles] In reality, is that something—you can do?

[Trees rustle]

Who is a vindictive person? According to a guy called the “dictionary”—He said, “A person who holds a grudge and always tries to get back at people—who they think have wronged them in some way.”

Does that sound like something you would do?

How To Improve Your Trading Psychology

How To Improve Your Trading Psychology

You throw something to the ceiling it definitely has to come back to the ground. Common sense!… Gravity! 

Yup!… It also applies to this guy [market]. In fact, the market is actually—a graphical representation of life.

Just like the guy in–avatar–said, “Everything is connected”.

Trading isn’t a bed of roses same with life… it’s a science… an art and it depicts what actually happens in reality.

Avoid the lifestyle traders. Cos’, they are obviously the problem… why do you think you can just throw in a hundred bucks and make a million tomorrow?

Another thing, you can only win as a trader—if you can think and act as an “individual”.

Yup! avoid those bandwagons…

How I Improved With A Trading Journal

How I Improved With A Trading Journal

Well, if you didn’t, you should.

Started journaling in my early days of trading… stopped cos’ I felt I could keep the knowledge in my head.

My trading went well for a while—until, I just couldn’t remember a lot of stuff.

Things went badly.

I lacked discipline due to failed strategies, bad trading psychology, improper risk management, and all the issues—newbies face.

You name them.