A Trader’s Reflection

Reflection [chuckles] What’s a reflection? Do you love your own reflection? So many questions—with, yet again… different definitions. A reflection is the return of light, heat, energy or sound waves from any surface. “To fix one’s thoughts (particularly from the past) on something”, is also a reflection. When you reflect, you ponder, mull, think—reflecting is synonymous with “past”—In most cases, you can only reflect if it’s something from the past. 

However, writing this particular journal entry, I thought of… “what our reflections would be like as traders”. Have you ever had to reflect back to—who you were before trading?, Well, I do sometimes, who am I kidding? I’m even doing it now.

According to our definitions, In the word reflection, we get to pick some words like: “The return of light, heat, energy or soundwaves”, “Fix one’s thoughts”… You know what this means?, The first definition, simply means: your reflection is how you feel at a particular moment, the energy you transmit at that point is reflected. That’s why, if you look in the mirror—sad, you will not expect to see someone happy in there. Whereas, the second is an escape from realty. That is, when you reflect you leave this particular plane, moment and travel back in time.

A Trader’s Reflection

As traders, our reflections are shown to us by the charts (market). Just like your energy is reflected when you look in the mirror, the same thing happens when you trade the market. Therefore, the adage that says, “whatever you sow, you reap”—is a perfect example.

The market serves as a: trader’s mirror, the light, heat, energy and soundwaves are going to be very visible when you take a trade. Similarly, you don’t expect to enter the market sad and expect a happy outcome. I want to re-quote Ernest Holmes. “The market is a mirror and will reflect back to both its observer, spectator or player—that which it thinks into it”. The way the market seemed to you, was actually the way you created it in your own mind. That’s the energy returned I speak on.

Dumb question, Have you ever looked in the mirror? Anyway, who do you see—Yourself or some imagination of yourself? There are times when I’ll imagine what I’d want to be in 5-10 years from now, I’ll look in the mirror and nothing’s changed. It’s like imagining your flying but your feet never left the ground. My aunt said, “it’s good to be ambitious”—but, ambition without action is—damnation.

On twitter, I remembered tweeting—“the market’s not responsible for your decisions—You are”. A trader’s reflection simply means, The subconscious replication of a trader’s non-verbal signals. Similarly, your reality as a trader comes from what you see in the mirror (market). In addition, What you hold in mind manifests—irrespective of your preferences.

The Reality

In reality, we actually trade people’s reflections…

Looking at the mirror, if someone were to tell you, “oh, woah! you look pretty” is that enough? It might not be if you don’t think you look pretty. Even if the person tried to give you reasons. Most traders consider their problems to come from outside conditions whereas, Albert pointed out—“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”. Therefore, If a trader is feeling fearful, he can try to cover it up all he wants, but, his trading results will readily reflect his true feelings.

As traders, “you can lie to everyone but the one person you can’t lie to is—the market”

Took a break on Ruth Roosevelt’s blog. She made it known that, “Trading is a microcosm of life. What you do in life, you’ll do in trading”—A dirty mirror that’s made clean isn’t usually enough vision if one’s blind. We can fool everyone into thinking we’re professionals but not the market. Dude’s just so good at the detective job. You’ll get caught!

The market feeds off your energy, that’s why you can look at a market and say, “oh! I think the buyers are in control”, because, everything reflects. March 2020, the Covid beginning-era, the Nasdaq index and many other instruments dropped drastically. The market reflected the pain, fear, frustrations, and turmoil—every human was going through. What happened afterwards?, there was a massive decline. Energy is indeed contagious.

Dear Traders

In conclusion, Don’t be fooled, In trading, it’s not the analysis or predictions that matter—it’s your belief, thoughts and emotions. Once you take a trade with a messed up mindset, what do you expect would happen? You probably have a messed up outcome.

The market doesn’t have to read your mind to know what you’re thinking because—whatever you’re thinking reflects in your trading. However, most focus on the outward appearance because they think of social status, online gratification or they’re just good at marketing. Well, you can fool other people; who exactly are you fooling? The market does not create the ways in which you perceive it; it merely reflects what is going on inside of you in any given moment.

The annoying thing about this particular mirror (market) is that, it doesn’t speak or warn you. It just reflects; The great thing about it is: You get to know the truth.

Humans will lie, Your fake gurus will say anything so you can keep purchasing their course. The market, will reveal everything about you both good and bad. A good trader isn’t judged by his analysis or predictions; A good trader is judged by his outcome. Tell your gurus to start showing you “real” account histories and not trading view analysis. Haha!

Make The Market Your Teacher

Finally, the only guru you should be listening to is: The market. The market will quite naturally make you face what is inside of you on a moment-to-moment basis. What is inside of you could be confidence or fear, a perception of opportunity or loss, restraint or uncontrollable greed, objectivity or illusion. The market just reflects these mental conditions, it does not create them. I’ve come to very conclusion that—in trading, having a mind of your own is bliss. You must be a fool thinking your guru can 100% predict the market. Unless he trades billions (can actually move the market). We are all just mere spectators hoping to join the winning animal.

All my articles are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of lazyluchi’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities are entirely coincidental. 

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