A Trader Finding Her Voice

What To Expect!

to the one’s who struggle to see, hear, and speak..

I am a trader and I’m dumb. I know what to say but words fail me. I look for originality or maybe, I should say: “personality flair”. Where’s this originality? Funny, I see it when I stare at the mirror. However, it so damn far to reach. “If only I could reach it”—Sarah huffed.

My name’s Sarah and I’m a copy. Maybe just only going to be a copy of my parents imagination, or my dad’s lucky sperm. All I see are canvas and candles of other different artists but never seem to see mine. Oh, let’s add that to my CV then. I’m probably blind to. How do I take my own trades? The other day on youtube, I heard, “oh, woah you trade just like Anthony”. Lol, who the hell is Anthony and why should I trade like him? I hate that. I need mine.

“Be one of the greats-don’t be like one of the greats”,Mrs Markley said. There’s no such thing as a bad trader, just low self-esteem and disbelief. Similarly, there’s no such thing as a bad trade, just a negative mind-set.

Maybe i’m just too attached. Maybe I need to detach. I seek perfection but that’s only an illusion. How do I let go of that? “Expressions and executions repetitively, makes a fine-art”. Hmm, really? “The greatness you seek is in your mind”,Yeah, go figure. I opened my mind yesterday and it was empty. What if my mind is empty? What if it’s too scattered? Do I sweep it with a broom or fill it up with water.

Yesterday, I struggled with a number of trades. Today, I traded the averages that move, the next day, i visited Fibonacci.”Letting go is the hardest part to finding yourself”, says Jack. How do I let go then? Throw myself off a balcony?

No, Sarah. Let go of all you’ve acquired. Make a selection. What elements do you like, what principles govern your trading style? It has to be about “you”, What you like and how you feel. Not anyone else, YOU!

“The process of finding your voice is like uncovering your superpower. Your trading voice is what sets you apart and, ultimately, what makes you consistently profitable”. These circles you keep going around in can be pretty exhausting. Ignore the fads, be consistent, and show up everyday. That’s how you let go. That’s how you find your voice. To find your voice, you need to know yourself Sarah.

The present time, times i’m taking a trade or entering a position. That moment I try to capture. I see a sad lonely girl scared of her own flaws. Scared of what, Henry will say or Ruby will laugh at. I am a trader. I’m not dumb or blind anymore.

I hear an echo. It’s the market. She tells such beautiful stories. Lol—War stories. mainly about bulls and bears and I try to paint a picture. I asked her: what is the bull doing now? she said, “they are weak.. These bears are really strong”. Oh, no I went long. I need to take a shorter cut to avoid the weak bulls. Damn, how did I do that? Alas, Sarah you finally listened, you spoke, and you saw.

I am a trader, I can see, hear, and talk. My name is Sarah and I’ve found my voice.

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