A Nasdaq100 History

Nasdaq100 [Female narrator sighs] this bad girl was born on 8th of February, 1971. At that time, she was worth just—$708.16. Chilling, I mean she’d go to every bar to flaunt her beauty, such a tease!

The babe needed the whole world to know she existed. Guess what? she got noticed.

Everyone started to pay attention—street guys, thugs, jay-walkers name them… a sad turn-of-event, In 1973, Yup! the mama crashed. 400 points were deducted from her (stock market crash) net worth. These notice-pad took advantage of her. Bad timing if you ask me. As an observer, The deduction came after the collapse of the Bretton-woods brothers system accompanied by the October 1973, oil-crisis. Like I said, “a sad turn-of-event”.  Anyway,

It only lasted for a year but took months (11 months) though. Nas100 came back with a surge—I’ve never seen that kind of glow up in years. The beauty that she is—doubled her net worth by 5580 points (December of ’74-September, 2002).

Honestly, like I muttered, “never saw that one coming”.

Nasdaq100 Humpty-Dumptied

In schools, they usually said, “Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty had a great fall…” Right? I mean it’s been long—but Ndx… as she likes to be nick-named, decided to be the next humpty… thinking, “if she crossed her legs, her fall might be posh”, Oh, no miss!

You got served.

Ndx—didn’t just fall, I think she crashed. You know that 5,580 points she gained? It vanished, by—3,000 points lower. This time, it was a freaking bubble gum called “dot-com” like… who even chews bubble gums on walls. Hearing that story just made me so mad.

The clouds were clear actually, sirens of blue-red were all I could see. Nq (another nick-name try to catch up hun.) stayed in the hospital for—Two and half years before… she could walk again.

The popular big wheel-chair in March of 2003, is the talk of town. Apparently, Nasdaq100 came to school in style. She tried to gain her place but failed terribly, “again”. At this point, no-one cared. Her worth barely got past $4,000.

“A resilient one”, I must say because, Nq never gave up.

An Unexpected Nasdaq100 Growth

Four years after, Nas100 is still struggling. We all took turns to visit—now we were concerned. Depression came knocking—in August, 2007, her net worth went back to $2,000. This time around it was a bank problem, They called it, “The rejection of the bank bailout bill by the congress” Whatever that meant. The news travelled wide that—we couldn’t help but see how she was faring.

It lasted till February, 2009. Surprisingly in 2018, she was back to school. This time: the glow up was unbelievable—her net worth went from $2,000 to $16,600. I mean, for a moment… I’m actually lost for words till this day.

Currently, she has about 100 companies in her name; all of which aided to her massive growth. According to history, that’s actually why she’s called “Nasdaq100”.

Hey! Jamal, did you like my story? Are you sleeping, what the hell—wake up!

All my articles are entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are the work of lazyluchi’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities are entirely coincidental. 

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