Month: January 2022

The Trade Addict

The Trade Addict

Trade [stuttering] I’m a trader… Oh! nice to meet you too. “That was awkward”, I thought. How did she know I was a trader? I rarely meet people who just automatically figure me out. The first encounter was a strange one.

[Feet shuffling, Choo-choo… clickety-clack—train bawls]

“Attention, passengers: this is your conductor speaking. The train is about to leave the station. Please stand clear of the closing doors.”

I’ve never really left the state you know, ancient times and all. My life has been an endless maze or better yet—a labyrinth.Don’t worry, heh—still working on the nemesis.

Why Traders Should Not Give Up

Why Traders Should Not Give Up

Traders randomly wake up and call it quits. Well, I was this close to becoming those traders until…

[A loud knock on the door]

“Mail’s here!”… A man in orange pants and blue collars brings a letter for me. “What could it be?”, I thought. Took a cutter out the kitchen’s cabinet and tore it open—It read, “Hey sweetie, if you’re reading this, I’m probably dead”… Tears rushed down my cheek as I said, “mom”.

You probably don’t know my mom Sylvia—she’s one of the best traders that ever lived and she is my inspiration. It was a note from her trade journal—My mom kept journals but, I never read any Cos’ personally, journals are private for a reason. If she sent me this, now, it means it’s for a reason. Though dead—it’s like she knows I’m really struggling.

Turned on the reading lamp, cleaned my bulged teary eyes and read aloud…