Month: November 2021

The Hesitant Trader

The Hesitant Trader

[Jamal] Do “trading hesitations” mean—low self-esteem?… Oomph [shudders] What’s the major cause of—hesitations?

I once met Qetsiyah… Qetsiyah (or Tessa as she prefers) was one of the most indecisive humans I’ve ever—come across. Tessa had some major issues with making decisions… As little as, “What will you eat?”… She would mull over it for hours.

I’ll always laugh at her situation… But, I realized that—people like that sometimes have self-esteem issues… most come off as—Insecure. 

Qetsiyah’s case was different… Maybe she just hid hers pretty well.

 Or… I mean it’s kinda tricky. Self-esteem issues (insecure) or just—poor at decision making. If you an expert, what’s the correlation? 

Principles And Elements Of Trading

Principles And Elements Of Trading

[astonished] “Woah!… Since art has its principles and elements; “trading” is an art!—do you think trading also has its own—principles and elements too?”… Jamal asked.

Sylvia [mulling] hmm… Good question Jam [beaming]. I haven’t actually thought of this before. You know, as traders—we definitely need a guide. If not, we would never be successful… Just like the artist…

[confused] erm… What are you saying, mom…Jamal asked again.

Sylvia responds, [hastily] “Yes! trading has its principles and elements.”

A Trader’s Labyrinth

A Trader’s Labyrinth

… “a confusing structured path or passage… easy to get lost, but without tricks”… Now imagine this “path” as a trader—path.

Blown accounts… analysis-paralysis… joining the bandwagon… jumping from one strategy to another; one signal group to another.

Yup!… Does that sound familiar?

I’ll answer that [grinning]… Yes! it does.

So, “a trader’s labyrinth” can also mean “a trader’s struggle”—in search of financial freedom.