By lazyluchi

The Nasdaq100 is one of the world’s preeminent large-cap growth indexes. It includes 100 top-notch companies (mostly tech companies) listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market based on market capitalization. It is home to the four companies that have touched the trillion-dollar mark in the US. They include Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet. The anatomy of these companies along with other technology leaders (such as Cisco, Qualcomm, Intel, NVIDIA, Tesla, Facebook) are mostly what creates an impression of it as a technology index.

While technology is a dominant segment in NASDAQ 100, it is well-balanced by sectors such as consumer services, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrials which constitute the other 50%. Within healthcare, Nasdaq-100 is home to some of the most prominent biotechnology companies such as Gilead, Regeneron, Vertex, and Amgen. These companies are working on cutting-edge research, especially during the Covid-19 period. If we look at current market trends which is been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, some companies under the NASDAQ 100 INDEX are appreciating while others are depreciating, companies such as Zoom are appreciating the “work-from-home” model while others, such as American Airlines and Expedia, are depreciating due to travel halt. Therefore, looking at the bright side, the NASDAQ 100 INDEX  is a diversified mix of sound companies giving room for more demand and more bulls. One thing which is unique to this index is its focus on companies that are symbolic of innovation and future growth. 

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