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“Let us not forget what it means to be a trader. It means that I am free to own property.. I can take delivery of my property and dispose of it as I wish, or I can trade it to others. My decisions are mine to make; I need not follow the dictates of those who would put other interests–those of gods, governments, or guns–above my own. If I lose, it is my loss. If I profit, the gain is mine.. Without freedom, there is no trading. Trading is a celebration of economic and political freedom. Slaves are traded; they do not trade.”—Dr. Brett Steenbarger

“I can tell a person’s character by the way they trade. a patient person will wait longer in trades than an impatient person. it’s not a curse; it’s just your personality”

– Lazyluchi

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The Death Of A Trader

Lazyluchi September 13, 2022

"Can your approach to trading tell the kind of person you are?" Janet asked.. I wonder how one can take a trade and not wait for a certain outcome if one's not just an impatient soul. I know of a man who couldn't just accept he was an egoistic bastard. Oh! the greed, the recklessness, the "i'm always right" disgusting attitude. I know of a man who if.. and I mean "if" only he accepted and took responsibility. We won't have said RIP.. Do traders die?

Sieze Her Candles

Lazyluchi July 13, 2022

Don't seize my candles, how do you expect me to see? To see in this darkness please hear my plea. "Seize her candles. Darn it",said he. Please Sir this is all i've got. Not a degree— which i'm sure you'll need but the key. "Have you even washed the dishes or fed your children". You are a woman you see and nothing but a debris in my canvas. A canvas filled with ups and downs, animals and birds. Where bears, bulls, doves, and hawks gather for flesh. Oh, my dear these candles need not echo for we are mostly mentally deaf and emotionally blind. Even with the candles you won't be able to see.