Hello, it's me


An enthusiastic chartist currently painting her canvas through being able to read candles on paper by understanding the foundation of the markets. What makes up the structure, how trends start and how they end. She’s currently  traveling around the world of trading.

"I had to be a better person to be a better trader"

I specialize in being able to identify the current trend of a market, it’s structure (using Higher-highs, lows with Lower-highs, low), and Divergence (oh! that’s my baby). I’ve been able to build a special way to spot divergence without having to use an indicator. Interesting, isn’t it?  I enjoy sharing my works and helping other traders experience trading in an artistic way. The idea of helping someone have a daily bread and teaching them a “life-time” means of wealth creation is what makes me wake up everyday!
I’ve worked with several clients from all around the world from signals, to account management, and coaching. I always seek new opportunities for novice traders just joining the business and world of trading, Hey, trader. Let’s create something iconic together!

Stories By A Chartist

I am a chartist, I have a story to tell, I might speak in parables.. But, Just listen! The way of the market is a mystery, she moves in ways only a few can grasp. My experiences and journey through the world of candles ad wicks all documented.

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Trading Letters To Favour..

Trading letters to my future self. The me I want to become.. That trader I see in the mirror. Who isn’t a coward, who isn’t scared to pull the trigger. I want to always remind her of how great she is and how great she’ll become. These letters are a reminder of what she went through and what she had to under-go to be that person she sees in the mirror.

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Lets work together.

If you’d like to talk about a signal services, tutoring.. you want help with or need an advice about trading, just drop me a message at
I’m currently Available for any signals, tutoring, coaching, trading gigs.