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“Let us not forget what it means to be a trader. It means that I am free to own property.. I can take delivery of my property and dispose of it as I wish, or I can trade it to others. My decisions are mine to make; I need not follow the dictates of those who would put other interests–those of gods, governments, or guns–above my own. If I lose, it is my loss. If I profit, the gain is mine.. Without freedom, there is no trading. Trading is a celebration of economic and political freedom. Slaves are traded; they do not trade.”—Dr. Brett Steenbarger

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Traders Also Need Self-control Here's Why

Lazyluchi Mar 09, 2022

Self-control ..If you can master self-control, you can master anything. What exactly is self-control? simple, controlling yourself. Haha. that's the lame version. The dictionary meaning would be: the ability to regulate and alter your responses in order to avoid undesirable behaviors, increase desirable ones, and achieve long-term goals. Research has shown that possessing self-control can be important for health and well-being. See it this way, That lingering thought in your head, the war between impulsivity and doing what’s right or beneficial. For traders, It’s the ability to control emotions, impulses or behaviors to achieve consistency and profitability. Most traders will ask, Is self-control really that important, or is it better to enjoy the moment and not concern oneself with future outcomes? However, besides risking the ability to achieve long-term goals, there are other problematic issues with a lack of self-control. Traders who lack self-control often give in to impulsive behavior and emotions as well.. 

Why Traders Should Have A Great Relationship With The Market

Lazyluchi Mar 08, 2022

Relationships, are all about connection. The dictionary definition is: a state of being connected. The question is, do you have a great connection with the market? Are you connected with the market? How can a trader connect to the market?.. You know,  I believe connections are all about understanding. In romantic relationships, most people who end up in shattered relationships or heart-breaks (not trying to be insensitive) are usually---due to lack of understanding. Similarly, in any other relationship.. including between siblings, mother-daughter, father-son.. Likewise, trading. Having a connection with the market means you understand the market to a certain level were: communication also takes place. In addition, the market communicates---your job as a trader is to listen and understand..